Here's What You'll Learn


The adoption home study insider info that will keep you from losing thousands of dollars

Discover the do's and dont's that can make or break the very beginning of your adoption journey.


How to match with an expectant mother – without the risk, waiting, or stress!

Want to self-match! That's actually the most common time people get scammed. Arm yourself with the red flags you need to avoid to match with an expectant mother legally and confidently.


How to choose the best adoption professional that will fit within your budget

If you live in a state where there are 10-20 adoption professionals to choose from, how on earth do you decide which is best to work with? Discover the secret to hiring the perfect adoption professional for your adoption.

Are You Ready To Grow Your Family Through Adoption

But Have No Idea Where To Start?

If so, you're in the right place!

After years of helping 100+ clients successfully adopt, I created this free training to show you

the 3 secrets that will save you time and money in the process.

  • Imagine the freedom of no longer turning to google to figure out your options

  • Receive a proven plan that saves my clients years and thousands of dollars

  • Discover the secret to navigating the adoption process without wasting years

It can be your reality and I will SHOW YOU HOW.

my name is lucrece bundy and I Am an adoption lawyer

I'm glad you're here! As a faith-based adoption lawyer, I've helped hundreds of families successfully adopt through my law office.

As a result, I've created an adoption program that's helped many more avoid the heartbreak and overwhelm that can happen with the adoption process.

My students see tremendous results through my adoption program and gain a full plan from A to Z on how to adopt their perfect new family member without wasted money or hours.

I can't wait to meet you and walk alongside of you as you start your adoption journey.


"We had done a lot of research prior to coming into the program trying to find agencies that were budget-friendly.

Personally, I wish we would have found out about your program BEFORE we had gone through an agency.

From the time we hired a marketing professional to having our first contact with a birth mother, it was only a month, which is crazy to me because we went 2 1/2 years with nothing, no conversations with birth mothers to having a conversation with a birth mother within a month.

If you choose the right people and you choose the right programs to be a part of, it's worth every single penny to get to that ultimate goal of bringing that child home to you. Lucrece really helped us get to that point, and for that we're extremely thankful for it.

We self-matched on 11/9/22 and are so happy. It's been an amazing early birthday present for me. Our family is so blessed. Self-matching is possible!!

"We had finally decided that adoption was something we were interested in and started researching how best to go about it. Very quickly we realized that we needed help. We joined adoption groups and stumbled upon the ASA. By the end of the second class we realized that focusing on foster care and adoption through foster care better met our long term goals. It was so refreshing to feel in control of our journey-and from the second class!

The program helped us navigate our individual path through adoption. By the end, we had a clear understanding of where our next steps were. The ASA saved us thousands on lawyer fees and chasing our tails. At this time, we are working with a private foster care agency (something we only know about because of the ASA!) and are close to completing our home study."

“This program was an invaluable asset at the start of our adoption journey. There are so many different routes available and searching on our own was frustrating and confusing. We were hesitant to spend money on this program, but it ultimately saved us thousands by helping us identify the type of adoption that was best for our family and the right questions to ask. We are so glad we invested in it and cannot recommend this program highly enough!”

"The Program eliminates all the fluff you will encounter when you do a Google Search or join a Facebook Group, which will save you from headache and confusion."

"We found this program to be a great asset in our adoption journey! It was extremely informative and helpful to us in beginning the adoption process and avoiding common pitfalls. Lucrece offers professional and experienced guidance in navigating the adoption world.

Overall, because of taking the program, we have been able to put together a comprehensive adoption plan with increased confidence in knowing how to proceed as well as fund our adoption. This program is a valuable resource for anyone considering adoption."

"If you are trying to determine how to start your adoption journey, the ASA is where you should turn. Lucrece will help you develop your own unique plan to use before, during, and after the adoption process. This includes determining the type of adoption that is right for you, helping you avoid the pitfalls of working with different adoption specialists, working with birth families, understanding various adoption laws, and much more.

Lucrece made the entire process so much easier than when we attempted to do this on our own."

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